Hairstylists aren’t sure that was hair dye trickling down Rudy Giuliani's face

While Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer, sweatily spewed allegations of election fraud at a news conference, much of the attention focused on him... melting?

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That black stream dripping down Rudy Giuliani’s face during a chaotic Thursday press conference isn’t hair dye, hairstylists are saying. Rather, it could be any number of topical products used to touch up greying hair.

While Giuliani, U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, sweatily spewed allegations of election fraud, much of the attention focused on him … melting?

Stylists told the New York Times that hair dye, unless freshly applied, doesn’t trickle down like it did with Giuliani. One colour director at a Manhattan salon suggested he could have used plain, ol’ mascara to touch up his sideburns.

“Sideburns are more grey than the rest of the head,” Mirko Vergani says. “You can apply mascara to touch the grey side up a bit so it looks more natural.”

The black stream could have also been the result of a sloppy dye job, suggested stylist Gene Sarcinello, perhaps because the lawyer used a spray-on dye. “If it’s not washed out properly, that’s what’s going to happen.”

The whole debacle dumbfounded even Washington, D.C. barber Nicole Wingo. “The hair journey that these guys are on is definitely a wild one. I think something like that is probably the result of a tinted product,” she says.

Wingo is fairly certain it’s not a semi-permanent dye, but rather could be a pomade or tinted gel “that got really… gooey.”



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